The Millennial Heartbeat

by Flame, Dear Flame

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No sound Only silence We are unbound By your hands We are born in twilight All forlorn Only rumbling from a From a heartbeat long ago Who brought the blight? Senses all impaired and Who caused the fright? Flow time would gather By a caprice of nature? Who started the race? Headed by him Who banished the grace Never will we know Our invocation Was a heartbeat long ago The life you gave to us was merely the start A legion none will ever know Unending wisdom we've found, the ancient heart That we felt beating down below Long ago No light For the eye to see And we denied Gravity We are born in twilight All forlorn Only rumbling from a From a heartbeat long ago Long ago
Slowly wading through the void Firstborn of the unalloyed To escape the depth so dark Drawn to everlasting light Parting the waves of time You will tear the world apart Tear the world apart Free from the legion most invisible Broke the first of the shining souls Into the light, for all to see Inverse convergence of millenia By the power of gravity Into the light's eternity It's time itself that lay with Father Light to bear the children The dawn of hope that's even Brighter than a thousand suns With dying hunger to prevail Over those born so weak and frail For they are Standing high above On the shoulders of... Giants From the gardens of the wise In your folly you would rise Just to watch the dawn of time Dare to conquer the unknown A fearless vanguard you have grown Holy mountains for you to climb
Just when the last of earthen marvel's unveiled When all the buried treasures' wardens have failed When man has found at last the power he craves It's only then his mind will turn to the waves Led by their kind the blind are going to fall Their thanatography the greatest of all Loud words are spoken down from crumbling ground Until the sea consumes their treacherous sound Rising higher Higher and higher Soil to mire Swallowed all the same Skyward fire Rising higher Monument of flame Darkest clouds, they too shall pass Sun not quenched, but only hid All our shelters fortified Not be saved by will nor wit Father please, forgive thy children For we knew not what we did The mindless ones who would accept willingly The iron shackles of the cursed gravity Shall perish and once more will all become one And all their deeds will be as though never done


‘The Millennial Heartbeat’ is the genesis of the ocean and the thanatography of the land, a testimony of the forces of nature and its frailty alike.


released April 5, 2019

“leaves one voraciously yearning for more” 9 / 10
– Chris Hawkins at

“a triumphant revelation”
– Sandy Williamson at

“the vocal melodies carry away”
– Götz Kühnemund, Deaf Forever #28

“friends of sophisticated Epic Doom should lend an ear”
– Marius Luehring at

“we might be facing something really big” 9/10
– Mirko Pidde at

“a fascinating debut” 9 / 10
– Dave Nowels at

“an EP that really leaves an impression” 9/10
– Carl Fisher at

“unique, exciting and worth a clear recommendation”
– Chris Fischer at

“‘The Millennial Heartbeat’ progresses brilliantly”
– Kris Wilson at

“Doom with one or another moment of surprise”
– Julia Neumann at

“should catch on especially because of the vocals”
– Michael Haifl at


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Flame, Dear Flame Brunswick, Germany

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