The Millennial Heartbeat Part III

from The Millennial Heartbeat by Flame, Dear Flame



Just when the last of earthen marvel's unveiled
When all the buried treasures' wardens have failed
When man has found at last the power he craves
It's only then his mind will turn to the waves

Led by their kind the blind are going to fall
Their thanatography the greatest of all
Loud words are spoken down from crumbling ground
Until the sea consumes their treacherous sound

Rising higher
Higher and higher
Soil to mire
Swallowed all the same
Skyward fire
Rising higher
Monument of flame

Darkest clouds, they too shall pass
Sun not quenched, but only hid
All our shelters fortified
Not be saved by will nor wit
Father please, forgive thy children
For we knew not what we did

The mindless ones who would accept willingly
The iron shackles of the cursed gravity
Shall perish and once more will all become one
And all their deeds will be as though never done


from The Millennial Heartbeat, released April 5, 2019


all rights reserved



Flame, Dear Flame Brunswick, Germany

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